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Hello, we're The Script Guys! I'm Craig (on the right) and this is Fabricio (on the other right), but everybody calls him "Fab." Fab and I have been captivated by the art of storytelling from a young age. As kids, we lived on two different sides of the country, but we each absorbed a variety of books, films, television shows, and comic books, preparing us for our big adventures in Hollywood. When we finally met at Priscilla's Coffee Shop in the shadow of Warner Bros Studios, we knew we had to team up and save this town, one script at a time! It all started when some writers asked us to read and critique their scripts at the coffee shop. After awhile, we gained a reputation for not only giving good criticism, but offering ways to fix common problems in scripts of all genres and styles. We enjoy writing, pitching, and producing our own scripts, but we also love storytelling, so we decided to offer what we have learned in over 25 years in the business to those who want help from friendly, non-judgmental fellows. Whether doing a re-write on a big budget studio feature, or helping out with a student's very first short, we pride ourselves on helping you find your very best script.

The Script Guys


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Terms of Service

What if your office were hell? Literally.


The Great NASA Caper

Even rocket scientists need to pay the rent.



This is an attempt to collect a debt...


Iron Walkers

The story of a nation which built a nation.

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